About us

We are Greenweg

We are a dynamic team of young scientist and early career professionals, sharing and contributing to sustainability knowledge.

Listen, it is science but it is not as difficult as you think. Trust us. We like to explain concepts that are conceived to be unpopular or scientific and break them down to clear lay man terms. But of course not every idea, We try to keep my topics within, Alternative energy, Business sustainability and the Environment. Greenweg is a tool we use to educate simple minds about sustainable ideas, the earth and doing business sustainably. Here is the the part you should know, we don’t have it all figured out, hence why we are open to welcoming new ideas.
Our goal is to simplify sustainability for the 21st century consumer. In the long run, contribute to knowledge and make knowledge more easily accessible.

Here is what our contributors say...

Contributing to Greenweg gives me the opportunity to learn about topics I would otherwise not have heard of. Overall, it gives me a sense of purpose that I am contributing to the overall discourse about sustainability and the future of man on earth.

Motun Adesina
Motun Adesina
Founder, Greenweg.

Irrespective of where we live on earth, we all need to do something to save this sinking ship. As a medical doctor, Greenweg allows me to contribute to the discourse, especially on the topics of environmental health.

Charles Aluko
Charles Aluko
Medical doctor, Environmental Health Practitioner.

Our Topics…

Alternative Energy
Business Sustainability