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Books you should definitely read

  To fully understand the origin of sustainability, the basic book to give the best introduction overview is the limits

On Energy Utopia: how can we create a balance? 

An energy utopia is an environmentalist's dream come true. Is it fantasy becoming a reality? The earth was designed to

Energiewende: The German energy transition explained.

Talking German, the cars and the machines that come out of Germany are not the only remarkable things I have

e-waste: Stop underestimating its dangers

e-waste is a relatively new scope of waste management. In the short time of it existence however, it has grown

Keeping up with #ThePlantPerTable campaign

Few weeks back, I shared an update on the the plant per table campaign, but a brief recap will be

On Nigeria getting on the nuclear plant train and the maintenance culture we lack

Nuclear energy is a highly effective source of electricity generation. The world currently has about 500 nuclear reactors functioning, France

The RE100. Meet the big boys in renewable energy transition. 

The idea of equality in business is an utopia I must say but the the idea that we can all

What will it cost to power your house with solar in Nigeria? Find out here. 

This post was triggered by an earlier post, where I was asked about the affordability of solar panels in Nigeria.

It's World Environment Day. Can we talk about climate change over drinks? 

It's world environment day. Wasn't it world environment day few weeks back? I know it is really close and similar,

Still think climate change is not real? Here are three short videos that will change your mind completely. 

It turns out not many people believe in Climate change. In fact, many people believe it is a propaganda of