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Motun Adesina
It's World Environment Day. Can we talk about climate change over drinks? 

It's world environment day. Wasn't it world environment day few weeks back? I know it is really close and similar,

Motun Adesina
Still think climate change is not real? Here are three short videos that will change your mind completely. 

It turns out not many people believe in Climate change. In fact, many people believe it is a propaganda of

Motun Adesina
On fuel price hike and common myths about Solar panels.

If you live in Nigeria, you must have been hit by the harsh reality of refueling your car and generator

Motun Adesina
On the #APlantPerTable campaign: Do you have a plant on your table now?

Newsflash: I don't have a plant on my work table anymore. But I took my planting tooooo....... wait for it...

Motun Adesina
Carbon footprint: Are you checking before using? 

For a long time, I thought it was contradictory to try to protect the earth, yet we cut down trees

Motun Adesina
Carbon offset, what can I offset as an individual?

Carbon offsetting seemed quite an ambiguous term to me once. If it is to you, no problems at all, at

Motun Adesina
The Paris agreement. How is this your business? 

You must have heard about the Paris agreement either by chance or by choice, and maybe like me you have

Motun Adesina
It's world earth day, what does that mean to you?

Every year, on the 22nd of April, the world earth day is celebrated. What makes this year important is the