It's World Environment Day. Can we talk about climate change over drinks? 

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It’s world environment day. Wasn’t it world environment day few weeks back? I know it is really close and similar, but few weeks back was world earth day. Today, June 5th is world environment day.
If you have been following the blog since we started, I’ll like to say a big thank you. For those who Constantly share the post, I say a bigger thank you.
NEWSFLASH: The blog has a new name. It’s, nonetheless, if you type in the former address in your browser, you will be re-directed to the blog. Quick note too, it was quite a tedious process finding a name, and a small focus group helped in picking out the name.
I’ll explain the name briefly. It’s a combination of an English word and a German word. Obviously, I believe we all know green is the English. ‘Weg’ however is the German word and it means way. (Note that ‘Weg’ is pronounced ‘veg’ as ‘w’ is pronounced as ‘v’ in German language). Complete English translation will be ‘greenway’ and the complete German translation will be ‘grünweg’. Am I drifting to making this a language class?
Enough of the long explanation on the name.
You know how we make deliberate effort to ensure the conversations we have with friends are not so serious? Especially when we are out on a Friday night? I always wanted to know if like me, there were people who thought it was okay to discuss a little bit of science or not while spending time with friends and family.
Here is the notion I guess needs to change; Science was not made to live in the Classroom. If science was feminine, I bet she would love to be talked about in casual circumstances as well and not restricted to the four walls of the classroom. I bet she would like short skirts and good music too.
So if you have thought of talking about climate change with friends and have been scared not to sound like the boring geek in the group, I am going to share some pointers that could help rethink your approach to the climate change conversation. Guess what, the earth is the most universal thing we all share in common as human beings, so it is a topic all should be interested in.
1. Did you know I never really believed in climate change?
My brother asked me a similar question few weeks back and it occurred to me that we had never really had a conversation about it until he asked the question, and that was it, without us trying to be so serious,  we spoke extensively on his opinion and I shared mine.
2. Do you feel the earth is actually getting warmer or its all propaganda?
I like this question as a conversation starter a lot, as everyone always has an answer. ALWAYS. There is always the conversation of how Lagos is much more hotter than it was when they were kids. While many people cannot visualize global warming holistically, the idea that their immediate environment has gotten warmer and the temperature higher is often easy for them to grasp.
3. Imagine for a second, that every city that exist today was once occupied by trees.
I said this to a friend once when she asked me why I wanted to put a plant on every table. She didn’t say a word to me. She texted me few days later to say ‘we will have to do a lot of planting to create a balance’ I smiled. I had engaged her and she had given it a thought. She had tried to comprehend the number of trees that have been cut down to create cities and industries. We may never be able to grow them all back, but we can grow a significant amount. And it starts with you.
Are you ready to have a climate conversation on your next meet up with friends?

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June 6, 2016 At 6:28 pm

Time and place?!

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