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To fully understand the origin of sustainability, the basic book to give the best introduction overview is the limits to growth. It is the basis with which we built our sustainability 101.

The Limits to growth is a 1972 report by the Club of Rome. It created a scenario of exponential economic and population growth in world where resources are finite. The book was authored by 17 researchers including Donella H.Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows Jorgen Randers.

You can buy a hard copy on Amazon, however you can get a free PDF scan version (which is fairly decent to read) at the Donella Meadows Project




If you wish to take your reading a bit further, the update to the limits to growth is a way to go. The book was written 30 years later, factoring in the conditions that had been evaluated in the previous book and where the world is 30 years later.

The book is also available on Amazon.








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